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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find commonly asked questions. If you have questions that are not answered, or would like further information, please contact us.


Do you accept insurance?

We are an out of network provider, meaning that we do not accept insurance. We believe that this is a benefit to the client, as the family is able to make decisions regarding services that are not contingent upon insurance 'approval'.


Do you accept Medicaid?

Since we are private pay only, we are unable to see clients for direct therapy services who have Medicaid. It is against regulations to accept private payment (ex. cash, check, credit card, etc.) from clients with Medicaid coverage for services that are covered under your Medicaid plan. These regulations are designed for your protection, to prevent you from paying out of pocket for services that you are entitled to.

*Please inquire about other services that we provide that may support you.*


How can I pay for services?

We require payment at the beginning of your appointment. We accept payment through cash, check, or card. We are also able to provide you with a Superbill to take to your insurance for potential reimbursement or for documentation for the use of HSA/FSA funds. Please check with your insurance provider for further information about “out-of-network” providers. We are happy to support you in this process!


Why don’t you participate with insurance?

We aim to prioritize the needs of the child and family first. Often, insurance companies will dictate how many sessions of therapy a child is allowed to receive, how often those sessions need to occur and when assessments need to occur. By not participating with insurance, we are able to schedule sessions to fit your needs; putting you in control of your healthcare decisions.  Additionally, you know the cost of each session and service up front, without any surprise bills from insurance companies months later.


Are you licensed?

Our occupational therapist, Marla, is  licensed in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania  and board certified by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy.


Do I need a script from the doctor?

Yes, you will need a script from your doctor prior to beginning services.


Do I need to have an evaluation completed before beginning services?

Yes, an evaluation is required before beginning therapy services. This ensures that sessions will be targeted to the priority areas that we have determined as a team.

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